Our goal is to make that a reality for every homeowner in america and here's why. In 2008, at the height of the mortgage meltdown, the United States Congress passed the most sweeping Act to assist homeowners that have fallen behind on their mortgage and are unable to catch up their payments.

The program, Making Home Affordable, is the most comprehensive foreclosure prevention program the government has established for homeonwers to date. It allows those borrowers that can provide proof of their ability to pay their mortgage to have their mortgage payments restructured down to payments they can afford. This is done with the participation of major banks and financial institutions that receive incentives from the government to restructure defaulted mortgages. However, inspite of the existence of this program less than one percent of all applications to date have been approved for permanent modified loans. Here are just a few of the reasons for the lack of success:

1. Borrowers lack of knowledge regarding the availability and suitability of programs

2. Lenders lack of transparency regarding the process and the time it takes to complete the workout

3. Wariness of borrowers because of their inability to speak directly to the decision maker from the initial stage to completion

4. Borrowers file bankruptcy pre-maturely for fear that the lender will foreclose their property while the loan is in the review process

As a result the impact of the effectiveness of the program has fallen far short of its expected purpose. Foreclosures are still hovering at or near record levels and frustrated borrowers are walking away from their homes because they are tired of getting the proverbial "run-around".


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